Cervizzi’s Karate Championships!

***New Venue*** Danvers Indoor Sports

Rings will be Pre-assigned at event • Underank up to age 9 will be called at 8:45am • Underrank ages 10-15 will be called at 11:30am • GRAPPLING WILL BE CALLED AT approximately NOON • Underrank over age 15 will be called at 12:45 • ALL Jr. Black belts and black belts – all ages- will be called at 1:45pm Times are approximate and subject to change

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE https://cervizzismartialartsacademy.perfectmind.com/7899/Classes/BookMe4LandingPages/Class?classId=94e06082-ab36-42a0-bdec-8ba4db28c69d&occurrenceDate=20191020&fbclid=IwAR0HXZtDkRn66sooTtisr8HuC3MJs2qEkz3dD2J8Bg_HuFHs_RQI8Or235g

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