Cervizzi's Martial Arts - North Reading

If you have a child who has boundless energy, then there may be no better way to focus that energy than a kids martial arts program. Our martial arts curriculum in North Reading provides kids with mental and physical workouts. While there may be other martial arts classes in the area for children to choose from, we believe ours are the best because our instructors are passionate about teaching. We teach important martial arts lessons around discipline, fitness, and teamwork. Our martial arts classes are also designed specifically to help build strong bodies and minds into healthy, confident, and goal-oriented champions.
Best of all, a child who takes karate classes with us in North Reading is sure to experience an improved mood, increased focus, and a sense of excitement that comes from learning self-defense and healthy living. Our martial arts programs are designed for kids, and they are also created to build self-esteem and character in addition to a healthy mind and body.

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