Making Lifelong Friends Through Karate

For many kids, karate is something they want to try, but they’re hesitant to join a class because they may not know anyone. This can be especially true if they’re new to town and haven’t had a chance to meet kids their own age. At Cervizzi’s Martial Arts in North Reading, our karate classes are designed to help kids feel at ease while they get to know their classmates. It’s very possible for children to make lifelong friends through karate, and those friendships often extend well beyond the martial arts studio.

Starting Out Together

One of the fastest ways to make friends in the karate dojo is by finding out that the other child is starting their training as well. When a new student arrives for their first class, they may be nervous about what they’ll be doing and whether or not they’ll be coordinated enough to punch or kick properly. When they learn that another new student is starting out as well, a bond can be formed. They may even want to be paired together for group exercises!

Offering Encouragement

At Cervizzi’s, we want our classes to be a positive environment where kids are encouraged to pursue their goals. When a student meets someone their own age and trains with them, there is often a natural instinct to offer encouragement as the other attempts something for the first time. When a child has a friend cheering them on, they can feel more confident in their ability to achieve what they’ve set out to achieve.

Creating a Group of Friends

Friendships within martial arts aren’t always just between two students. Groups of friends are often created as students begin classes together, work towards belt ranks together, and improve their physical and mental strength together. Groups of friends who train together from a young age often form bonds that last through elementary, middle, and high school. They can play sports together, pursue hobbies together, and have a support system that’s with them throughout their life.

Beyond the Karate Studio

Karate training often extends beyond the studio, as students put the discipline and focus to use in everyday situations, whether that’s at home, at school, or in various social situations. With friends alongside them who went through the same training and the same lessons, kids can be reminded of what they should do in certain situations. Having friends as backup can also help them feel confident to walk away from a situation, or stand up for themselves, when they encounter a bully.

Register Your Child Today

If you’re a parent, and your child wants to take karate classes, then make it a point to emphasize how they can make lifelong friends. Even if they don’t know anyone in their first class, they’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and discover what they have in common with the person across from them.

You can learn more about our North Reading location by contacting us online today. We’ll help you register your child for their first class, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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